Sunday, August 5, 2012

Photo Stories (1/4)

When Jon Grime said he wanted to do a photojournalism class in Hamilton, I was thrilled. After living abroad for a couple years with YWAM, he and his new wife Layne have returned to southern Ontario and to our delight are facilitating photography workshops.

One portion of the class I found particularly rewarding, was the time we were alloted to venture around the neighbourhood and take photos demonstrating the concepts we were discussing in the class. I find that with a busy schedule, I rarely set time aside to take photos without a rigid agenda. I met some interesting people, saw some familiar faces, and was reacquainted with a sense of wandering, to explore downtown Hamilton in a different way.

The next few posts I do are going to be photos taken as part of the class. Below are photos from the first two in-class sessions, all taken within two blocks from the intersection of King William Street and James Street North.

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