Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo Stories (2/4)

Here are photos from another day at the Photo Stories class that I mentioned in my previous post. These photos were all taken beside or in Hamilton's Gore Park. On a regular day, I would find going up to strangers and taking their photos too invasive to bother. However, when I was on a time crunch to get photos I liked, trees and clouds just weren't going to cut it. Most people I asked didn't mind at all, and in some cases were a bit flattered; the others just gave a polite no. No harm done! I hope to continue with this new learned bravery, without the excuse of an assignment. There are so many interesting folks in this city.

(check out Cynthia & Matt's blog: Steel Oneself)


Rachel said...


hannah love said...

amazing! michelle, we have to do some kind of photo project together!

naomi sea said...

Love the pipe smoking guy in scrubs!

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