Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outdoor Handmade Wedding: Danny & Sarah

Danny and Sarah's wedding was a sacred and joyful experience. The rolling hills of Bruce County were the perfect location, as their family and friends gathered on Sarah's grandparents farm for singing, eating, and celebrating together. Sarah and Danny both spent lots of time making beautiful decorations, as well as picking fresh flowers for the ceremony. Their wedding took place in August 2010, and they now have an adorable wee baby named Anya, who I'm sure will one day be featured in a post.


naomi sea said...

A few weeks ago I thought up clothespinning up photos of Ben and I on a line at our wedding. Turns out I'm not original -- hee hee! I love it, it's gorgeous.

Michelle Drew said...

The same thing happened to Sarah:) A month after her wedding we saw blogs full of em. Oh well! It's a cute idea eh?

joey armstrong said...

beautiful photos michelle. i'm wedding planning right now too and am so jealous of their tent! yellow stripes!

anyway, i discovered you had a blog, today. keep up your fabulous work. :)

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