Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Torn Fabric Garland avec Naomi

Referencing the ever popular Torn Fabric Garland Tutorial, my dear friend Naomi and I spent the weekend dyeing, ripping, and tying fabric to prepare for her wedding this June. We ended up making about thirty feet of garland, and used about five or so cotton sheets to do so. Naomi met her partner while volunteering in a garbage community in Egypt. They'll be getting married in a forest in Pennsylvania, and then moving to Philly for a while, before heading out to live and work in a slum community in an undetermined country. In summary, Naomi is great and so is her fiance, Ben! Along with many other handy hobbies, he makes wood cut prints, which you can see here. This project is very self-explanatory and straight forward: Dye, Rinse, Dry, Rip, Tye. My only three tips are (a) remember to get some rubber gloves before you start dyeing unless you want stained hands; (b) consider using more dye than you think you may need if you want the colours to be vibrant and (c) make sure you have a large clothes line or multiple drying racks lined up. Tada!! Also on this topic, for Easter our church decorated a set of escarpment stairs with torn fabric which you can see below. Busy bees Meg and Meagan worked hard to set the whole thing up, and one by one people tied on the fabric while going up the stairs.

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