Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Adventures in Linocut: Animal Edition

Let's face it, linocut is a blast. But, I haven't done a lot since I posted the tutorial for linocut a couple years ago.  I've really only made one more thank you card design. It can be a bit intimidating, because linoleum actually costs something, unlike most crafts I do.

Lately I've been very inspired to get back into it and try and learn more. It's hard to think in negative/positive/backwards space for me, so I always find it a challenge to carve out exactly what I am hoping for. I guess the challenge is what makes it fun.

Here is one I made today, as a draft for part of a new album campaign thank you we're working on.

Linocut Inspiration

Below are some artist friends you need to check out, that have been particularly inspirational. Ben is a craft wizard who married one of my bestest friends. Sarah has catholic worker themed prints that rule, and happens to live close to Hamilton. Buy their stuff!

'Bison' by Benjamin Wildflower. Visit his Etsy shop here.
'St Eustace's Vision by Sarah D Fuller. Visit her Etsy shop here.

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