Saturday, May 11, 2013

7 Crafts for a Growing Bean

The truth is: I haven't posted in a loonnnggg time. But not because I haven't been busy doing crafts. The opposite is true. It's because we're having a baby (yay!) and I wanted to spend my free time preparing instead of on the computer. That's fair, right?

We are so excited for this new arrival, which will come at any moment. And by that I mean, literally any moment as today is the due date (a second yay!).

Thankfully, I can safely say my pre-baby crafting to-do list is complete. With any new stage in life, there is so much to learn, and so many new tutorials to discover. I was never a Pinterest person before, but found it so handy for keeping track of and finding great tutorials for the many super duper baby things to make.

Here are 7 handy tutorials of the baby prep category that I have thoroughly enjoyed making. I hope you like them to!

Tutorial: Make Baby Stuff

I was thrilled to find this free and sturdy diaper bag pattern that has many pockets for storing all the babies on-the-go needs. I was equally as thrilled to find the orange and striped fabrics for a dollar a metre. If I was making the bag again I might add a zipper or velcro across the whole bag so things are more secure, but other than that it's great!

Tutorial: Sols(tr)ikke

The day I found out I was pregnant I began searching for the perfect afghan to make for the baby. Of course, I wanted to make one that would be useful beyond the first year of its life, had lots of holes for breathability, and was a mash of different colours. This tutorial was a perfect fit. I adjusted the size to a toddler bed and for now it fits perfectly on our love seat.

Tutorial: The Brown Stitch

Even though I first learned to knit in high school, I never did bother to learn how to follow a pattern. Having a baby was a great reason to change that! This was an obviously adorable first choice, so with some coaching it became a success. Choosing colours is so much fun, I might make a few more once we meet the baby.

This felt owl mobile is so adorable. It was a surprise gift made by many loved ones at a baby shower. Friends sewed their own owls during the event, and they were all put together at the end to make a beautiful piece. Each owl is unique with different colours and stitches. Thanks pals!

Tutorial: Shara Lambeth Designs

There are many cute baby hats out there, but after making a million and one animal hats in my youth I wanted to branch out a bit. This adorable pixie hat pattern is so easy to adjust sizings for, so after making a handful of different sizes & colours, I made one for little Anya as well. What a great model.

Tutorial: Smashed Peas & Carrots

Don't know what to do with that old vinyl table cloth? Turns out they can be upcycled into travel change pads. Pretty nifty, eh! These pads are lined with felt to make them more durable and comfortable, and the ribbon makes them so easy to store and travel with.

Tutorial: Smile Like You Mean It

While change pad covers are not a necessity, they are great for adding a dash of colour to the changing area and making changing time a bit more cozy for the wee one.  I chose a thrifted fabric that was wipeable but still softer than the vinyl cover to reduce laundry. This tutorial is super easy, quick and fits great.

Tutorial: He & I 

Think this baby carrier looks just like a pile of fabric? That's because it is! There are many tutorials out there on homemade baby wrap, this is among the simplest. Obviously I haven't been able to test it yet, but the design is quite standard so will hopefully make a comfy nap spot for the little critter.


Unknown said...

Michelle, you are amazing. I love each and every one of these!!! Your baby is a lucky little person.

Unknown said...

p.s. That unknown person commenting was me! Sharon. :)

Campion said...

Michelle!!! I love you and Jared and baby so much! This is incredible- look at you! You're beautiful, your craftiness is inspiring, and baby is so lucky to have a Mom like you!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I love your ideas! I hope ur baby comes today! The feeling of giving birth is amazing. Best wishes to you and jared We should hang out once you feel comfortable for visitors

buckleybunch said...

Oh too hoo tee hee! A baby a baby! Any day!!! I"m eager with anticipation to hear about the arrival of baby Both; Michelle if you didn't already look so full of life, you are just BURSTING with it now!:)
All my love to you and Jared!
Eric and I would love to come make a trip to visit in awhile!

Lauren said...

These are some really fantastic craft projects, I especially love the nappy bag! I wish I was more crafty so I could have tackled these before my baby came! Good luck with everything and I hope your baby arrives safely!


Randell said...

Very beautiful handiwork Michelle! Such a great way to great ready for the new arrival.

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