Monday, March 17, 2014

Granny Squares for Yarn Bombing

Who doesn't love an opportunity to make granny squares without having to commit to a whole afghan? Wahoo! I was so excited when Meg started recruiting people to crochet and knit granny squares for a major yarn bomb. By major, I mean big and beautiful. She and her partner Nick are going to yarn bomb a whole tree, and then get murried under it. Pretty great, eh? Above are the ones I've finished so far.  What's with the circles? Since I am purging half-finished crafts, I found these little cuties in my to-do bag. They were from a crocheted broach phase I went through a few years ago. I just added to them by mish-mashing granny square patterns to complete the squares. Thankfully Meg only has two rules: Make them 8 x 8 and vibrantly colourful. 
The only problem will be knowing when to stop. These things are addictive!

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